Meet the Team

Mahmoud Abou-Eita

Mahmoud is building the IDAGIO Android app. Before joining IDAGIO he worked with, where he led the development of an Android-based project powering the company's logistical services. Besides coding and classical music, Mahmoud enjoys listening to progressive rock, playing table-tennis and football, and hunting down lesser-known art-house films to watch. He is also a FIFA champion (even if that's only among his 5-player team of friends) and is currently studying cello. His favorite composer is J. S. Bach, and his favourite compositions of the moment are Couperin’s Pièces en Concert and Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor.

Oliver Baxmann

Born and raised near Bremen, Oliver studied classical music at the Mozarteum Salzburg. He has been working in the classical music business since the mid 90's doing everything from artist management to tour, concert and festival productions. At IDAGIO, Oliver manages the point of intersection between classical music content and technology/product implementation, with his main focus being on our data model, catalogue and product development.

Charlotte Bernstorff

Charlotte is our Content and PR manager. Prior to working at IDAGIO, she worked for the International Literature Festival Berlin. Charlotte lived in Copenhagen for a number of years, where she completed a degree in Cultural Management. In the year she was born, her parents created a foundation for Russian Chamber Music, so she has been exposed to classical music from day one. Dvořák’s String Quartets are amongst her favourite works.

Natalia Bustamante

Natalia is a musician and sound artist from Colombia. Her works have been exhibited and performed in venues such as Akademie der Künste Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Berlin and the Museo Nacional de Colombia. At IDAGIO, Natalia is responsible for editing and maintaining our composer and works database. Besides playing saxophone and doing sound installations, she enjoys coding.

Louis Currie

Louis is our Lead UX Designer, responsible for making our app look and feel great. Prior to IDAGIO, Louis was freelancing with different start-ups in Berlin. You will find Louis listening to Jan Dismas Zelenka's "Barbara dira effera!" on a Sunday morning because it puts him in a good mood!

Timo Ayumi Dörrie

Timo grew up in a family of musicians and studied piano and cello from an early age. After a number of years as a freelance Tour Manager for orchestras, he worked as the Orchestra Manager of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester and as Orchesterdirektor of the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg. Timo is IDAGIO's Artist Liaison Manager and responsible for featuring new releases, curated playlists and all musicians' enquiries. His all time favourite work is Prokofiev’s 2nd Piano Concerto.

Emily Feeney

Emily is one of our interns ingesting and curating new content for our playlists, as well as assisting other teams with customer research and community development. Originally from the U.S she studied percussion performance at two conservatories and moved to Berlin two years ago for further studies. Alongside IDAGIO she works as a freelance percussionist and pianist. Her favourite composer is Richard Strauss.

Wiebke Göbler

Wiebke is in charge of IDAGIO’s finances. She is a certified management accountant and business graduate and has been working with Till and Oliver for eleven years. She loves to listen to the classical guitar, and cites Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra as her number one piece to relax.

Bas Grasmayer

Bas is our Product Director. Hailing from The Netherlands, he has previously worked at the Bulgarian National Radio and Moscow-based music streaming service Zvooq as Product Lead. Having also lived in Istanbul, he enjoys classical recordings with eastern influences, such as Al Dal’ona.

Vlad Goran

Vlad is our Senior Web Developer from Romania. Prior to IDAGIO, he worked for an agency in his hometown of Bucharest on different projects with American startups. He really enjoys listening to Franz Schubert, especially his Fifth Symphony.

Mattes Groeger

Our Senior iOS Developer Mattes grew up in the city famous for Johann Sebastian Bach, so from a young age he has been attending classical concerts. Prior to working at IDAGIO, Mattes was a Fullstack Developer at games company Wooga. To relax he likes to listen to the piano, such as Schumann's Kinderszenen.

Till Janczukowicz

IDAGIO’s founder Till, has more than 20 years' experience managing classical artists, producing orchestral tours and coming up with innovative ideas for the classical music space - the most recent being a performing arts series for the UAE. In 2011, Till asked himself if continuing along the same career path for the next 20 years would help those who really matter in classical music: musicians and audiences? The answer was a resounding "no", and thus IDAGIO was born!

Dugald Johnson

Dugald is our Growth Manager, responsible for online marketing channels of user acquisition, engagement and retention. Originally from Scotland, he studied law in London and Paris prior to joining IDAGIO. His favourite composer is Mozart, and if he had to pick a favourite piece it would be Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 for its beautiful and sprightly melodies.

PD Dr Michael Kube

Michael has been a member of the editorial board of the New Schubert Edition since 1998. Moreover he has edited music from over three centuries (from Baroque to Bartók). He holds teaching appointments at the University of Music in Stuttgart and at the University of Würzburg. He also acts as music mediator and is a member of the jury of the German Record Critics’ Prize. He joined IDAGIO in 2012 where he is in charge of our catalogue of composers and works as well as the Mood Player. Some of his favourites are Dowland’s Lachrimae and Hindemith’s Mathis-Symphony.

Christoph Lange

Christoph is the co-founder of IDAGIO. Prior to IDAGIO, he founded the music-streaming service simfy in 2006 at the age of just 22. One of his favourite composers is Liszt as he studied for a while in Budapest, and has lots of happy memories attached to that time.

Carole Lavillonnière

Carole is our Senior iOS Developer. She has worked in the gaming industry in both Paris and Barcelona before moving to Berlin to work as a frontend engineer at Wooga. Staying true to her French roots, her favourite composer is Erik Satie.

Maria Louceiro

Born in Porto, Maria is our graphic designer. She studied Mining and Geo-Environmental engineering, but found herself enjoying photographing the mines a lot more than actually working in them! After this, she studied Communication Design and started working as a designer in Porto, while freelancing as music photographer and illustrator. The first book Maria illustrated was based on Prokofiev’s life. Her favourite contemporary composer is Arvo Pärt.

Kevin Lorenz

Kevin is a CSS wizard working in our frontend development team. Prior to IDAGIO he has worked as frontend developer at various companies. His favourite classical composition is the recomposed version of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Winter 1 by Max Richter.

Chiara Marsoner

Chiara is our Content Marketing and Business Development Manager. Chiara has been working internationally in the promotion of orchestras and classical musicians for about a decade. Prior to IDAGIO she worked in PR at KDSchmid, a leading agency in classical music, and as the Marketing Manager of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. Chiara has always had a strong focus on the accessibility of classical music. In parallel to studying business and marketing, she has a Conservatory Diploma in Classical Guitar. Her favourite composers are Mahler and Tárrega.

Maximilian Merkle

Handling the business and legal affairs of IDAGIO, Maximilian has worked for several record labels and music publishers, such as the legal department of Deutsche Grammophon. He does not have a specific favourite classical composer, rather he enjoys it when music leaves notation and gives room for improvisation.

David Nääs

Hailing from Sweden, David is one of IDAGIO’s front end developers. When not writing code, he records ambient music and plays various musical instruments. He cites Górecki's 3rd Symphony as one of his favourite classical recording because of its beautiful string arrangement.

Ant Orant

Ant is our Design Director, and manages our visual identity across our products and marketing. After moving to Berlin from Barcelona a few years ago, he has worked as a designer and developer for a variety of Berlin start-ups. He is also a musician and producer, and enjoys the stranger side of contemporary classical music, such as “Habil Sayagi for Violin and prepared Piano” by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh.

Dr Lukas Osterloh

Lukas is our Senior Backend and API Developer and works on all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes at IDAGIO. A maths and physics graduate, Lukas also plays the oboe and the bass guitar, regularly playing with Berlin amateur orchestras and with his Irish folk combo. His favourite classical composer is Schubert because of his "intricate, sometimes pretty experimental, harmonics, lyrical melodies, and eruptions of raw power.”

Hannes Rox

Hannes is one of our interns on the content team, where he is helping to scale our rapidly expanding music catalogue. Hannes studied classical piano in Salzburg and London and has previously worked with record labels and start-ups in the contemporary art sector. He holds a Masters degree from Sotheby's Institute of Art.

Jess Rucinski

Jess is our Data Scientist, analysing how listeners use IDAGIO in order to improve the product. Before she came to IDAGIO, she worked for Wayfair in Berlin and in Boston, where she also freelanced as an opera pianist, organist and choral singer. Boston is an early music town and Jess loves the music she was introduced to there, such as 17th-Century opera and motets by William Byrd.

Ella Smith

Ella is our office administrator, responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and most importantly, making sure the IDAGIO team never run out of snacks! British-born, Ella has lived in New Zealand for most of her life, where she trained as a classical singer. Ella moved to Berlin in 2016 to improve her German and pursue singing. Her favourite composers are W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach and Jules Massenet, but she is always on the hunt for obscure vocal literature to add to her repertoire!

Michael Thomas

As Senior iOS Developer at IDAGIO, Michael enjoys working on the intersection of music and technology. While studying musicology at the University of Cologne he developed broad interests in classical music, listening to Bach and Chopin, as well as hours of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. If he had to choose a favourite composition, it would be Beethoven’s 7th for its fantastic Allegretto.

Ben Turner

Ben is one of our interns on the content team. Originally from Australia, he studied bass trombone at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, performing with such ensembles as the Sydney Symphony and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra before relocating to Berlin to continue performing as a freelance trombonist. He has also worked in arts operations with the THE ARTS+ conference.

Claudiu-Vlad Ursache

Claudiu is working with our backend team, helping to build a strong tech stack. Prior to IDAGIO, he worked with an internet security company building VPNs for consumers. Although he has no formal music background, Claudiu plays the piano and took singing lessons for over a year, until he could sing Beethoven’s Adelaide!

Contributors & Curators

Rolf Kleine

Rolf, born 1961 in Osnabrück, works as a political journalist in Berlin. As early as the 80s, the studied musicologist (specialising in opera) was writing for publications such as the ‘Neue Zeitschrift für Musik’,‘Opernwelt’ and over many years as a freelance opera critic for the ‘Wiener Zeitung’.

Corina Kolbe

As a freelance music journalist Corina writes for newspapers and magazines in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. She is also a regular contributor to "Philharmonische Blätter", the magazine published by Dresden Philharmonic. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute IIC, Società Dante Alighieri and Teatro Comunale di Ferrara she curated film screenings and panel discussions in memory of the conductor Claudio Abbado. Mahler, Schumann and Ravel are among her favourite composers. In 2017 Corina joined the team of playlist editors at IDAGIO.

Arno Lücker

Arno is one of our playlist editors at IDAGIO. He grew up near Hannover and studied musicology and philosophy, although he was always interested in everything else related to music. During his career he has worked both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes at the RBB-Kulturradio, as an artistic advisor for concerts and music theater at the Konzerthaus Berlin and for a few years as a freelance presenter and curator of the concert series "2 x hören KLASSISCH" at the Konzerthaus Berlin and "Himmlische Partituren" at Europe's largest and most modern planetarium, the Zeiss Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

Rebecca Schmid

Rebecca Schmid covers classical music for publications such as the Financial Times, New York Times, Berliner Morgenpost. She has moderated and written program notes for the Metropolitan Opera, Salzburg Festival, Verbier Festival and other organizations. As a doctoral candidate at the Humboldt University in Berlin, she is writing about the compositional legacy of Kurt Weill. You can visit her website for more information.

Albrecht Selge

Albrecht Selge, born in 1975, lives with his family in Berlin. He plays piano but only behind closed doors, and loves all music except Richard Strauss...although sometimes he even likes Strauss. Albrecht leads the concert blog Hundert11 - Konzertgänger in Berlin under the motto "more expression of feelings than critique". In his main profession he writes novels: in 2011, he published his multi-award winning debut “Wach” about the sleepless manager of a shopping centre. In 2016 followed “Die trunkene Fahrt”, a scherzo about the musical ups and downs of a men’s quartet in a Fiat Panda through South Tyrol. (Photo Credit: Reza Jan Mansouri)

Christoph Vratz

Born in the football town Mönchengladbach and from early on a collector of books and CDs, Christoph Vratz lives in Cologne and works as a freelance author and moderator for magazines, radio and concert halls. He has a weakness for composers with names beginning B or Sch and without Mozart considers life hardly worth living! Christoph has been curating playlists for IDAGIO since 2017.

Frances Wilson

Frances Wilson is a London-based pianist, writer, concert reviewer and blogger on music and pianism as 'The Cross-Eyed Pianist'. A keen concert-goer, she writes music reviews for international opera and concert listings site and is a guest blogger for classical music website InterludeHK. She writes a regular column on aspects of piano playing for 'Pianist' magazine's online content and has contributed guest articles to a number of other classical music websites around the world. She is also co-founder of the 'Music into Words' project which explores the wide variety of writing about classical music today. Founded in 2010, The Cross-Eyed Pianist enjoys a wide readership and was recently ranked third in a top ten of British classical music blogs.