This startup is set to revolutionize classical music

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We're driven by the mission to build the world's best streaming service for classical music lovers. Our team, headquartered in Berlin, consists of technologists, designers, marketeers, musicologists, and respected classical music experts. (learn more)

Together, we're proud to be building the specialized service that lovers of this genre want and need. Something that they can’t and won’t get at Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.

Streaming, reinvented for classical music

We are honoured to work directly with the world’s leading musicians and institutions, including the Vienna Philharmonic, the Philharmonia Orchestra, and the Israel Philharmonic. Concert halls for classical music around the world are designed by the world's foremost architects. No other genre has this. At IDAGIO, we're committed to bringing these special, custom-designed, and beautiful environments to our digital experience of classical.

In the future, everybody who loves classical music will be a digital native. I am excited to be on the front wave of revolutionising classical music with IDAGIO!