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Audio streaming is becoming the predominant way of listening to music. But the well-known all-genre services are pop-driven, and their structure only allows for three search categories: song, artist, and album. Classical music is available on these major streaming services, but the criteria that make classical music so special – composer, work, conductor, orchestra, soloist, and more – are missing from the structure. For this reason, classical music lovers who use these services struggle with a lack of user-friendliness and search options as well as confusing and sometimes incorrect search results. Musicians and their recordings can thus only be found with difficulty or not at all, drastically reducing visibility for classical musicians on these platforms.

At IDAGIO, we have developed a proprietary data model and our own unique technological solution to structure and display classical music in a clear, clean way. That is why users, musicians, and labels alike affirm that IDAGIO has developed the very best interface for classical music.

This is the must have app for classical lovers

Nikolyai, Switzerland - App Store review

IDAGIO has helped enrich the dynamic streaming market with an innovative and user-friendly solution for classical music fans

Dr. Clemens Trautmann, President of Deutsche Grammophon

IDAGIO is the newest exciting platform enlivening the classical music community. I am honoured and excited to offer my own channel for your streaming enjoyment, including exclusive releases and never before heard live archive performances. Streaming Rocks!! Happy Listening

Thomas Hampson, Baritone

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